Jewel’s Amethyst passed away

On the night of April 30, Amethyst died in the meadow with his best friend Dominard by his side.

Amethyst reached age 30 in healthy condition.

He had countless successes in his younger years under Kees-Jan Cordia, Albert Voorn and Piet Raijmaekers.
1st in the GP Filot, 1st NC Linz, 1st Monterry Classic, Winner of the Mitsubishi 3000 Gt and best horse over the 7 rounds (all clear), 1st in WC in Mechelen, etc. He gave us many great years of which he always did his best in the competition ring.

Amethyst was able to spend his retirement with us in a healthy, joyful way. Just last week he was galloping happily with Dominard through the spring grass.

His buddy was able to say goodbye to him in peace, as was the team that provided daily care. Dominard now continues to spend his old age with Gitana.