Een lange tocht – en met open armen ontvangen

Ook 7 uren met de vraachtwagen gaan vorbij =) – Jewel’s Modern Touch (Roepnaam JOGI) slept nicely next to his mum Jewel’s Whisskid during the trip to the veulenshow of the Oldenbruger Springpferdeverband at the venue of the Sosath Family in Lemwerder; North of Germany close to Bremen. We had lots of fun – Myriam and me took our Jewels to the nice place of the Sosath Family. Having our last left turn we were stopped friendly by a car full of friendly people asking us if we were the ones from Belgium – being disguised in the Sportpferde Ehning trailor that we were able to use thanks to the curtesy of Johannes and Richard Ehning. So someone at the barn showed us to our stable and the horses were feed and we checked on them later.

Both were super well behaved – came happily off the trailor and took a good look around. We were happy to have reached our destination and started to find our accomodation. Had a great dinner knowing the horses safe and well at a great horse place of the the Hengststation Sosath and retired with anxious minds how our Jewel’s would be seen the next day by the knowledgeable and crtic eyes of the north German crowd and jury =)

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