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18-03-2024   Robin van Thillo triumphs in Lier

28-06-2023   CHIO ROTTERDAM

07-08-2019   Knokke hippique summer circuit

16-02-2018   Tristan Tucker: 'Sir Weihbach is een Ferrari'

20-08-2016   Alle veulens gezond en wel op de wereld

08-03-2016   Kampioenstitel voor Grace Jones en Evy Cornelissen

01-09-2015   Jewel's Dominard en Gitana overleden

02-05-2015   Jewel's Amethyst overleden

26-01-2015   Eliane Cordia- Van Reesema and Jewel's Adelante return with a bang at 2015 CDN Wellington

04-11-2014   Jewel Court Stud USA in the picture

04-11-2014   Nieuwe aanwinst voor de dressuursport!

03-06-2014   Nieuw leven

03-06-2014   Ook in Amerika gaat het goed

28-02-2014   Nieuw leven!

02-11-2013   Jewel’s Sir Weihbach trained by Ingrid Klimke

28-10-2013   Jewel’s Exclusive Touch at the CSI 2* in Genk

08-10-2013   Jewel's Exclusive Touch 2nd in GP CSI Salland

09-08-2013   3 de plaats op Antwerps veulenkampioenschap

15-05-2013   Laatste veulen voor 2013 is geboren

14-05-2013   New grandson out of Classic Touch

29-04-2013   NIeuw leven

16-04-2013   Jewel's Diamant foutloos 5 jarige

03-04-2013   New life

02-04-2013   CSI*** Sint-Katelijne-Waver

18-02-2013   Jewel's Carat and Jewel's Sir Weihbach out through injury

08-02-2013   Carat 3de in Bordeaux

31-01-2013   Carat takes first victory with Maikel

15-01-2013   Carat elite stallion for the BWP studbook

08-01-2013   Vrijspringen 3 jarigen

02-01-2013   Nieuwe ruiter voor Carat

27-11-2012   Jewel's Sir Weihbach op Althengstparade in Vechta

13-11-2012   Result 30 day test Jewel's Sir Weihbach

27-10-2012   Jos Lansin and Exclusive Touch at CSI** Genk

15-10-2012   Exclusive Touch naar Jos Lansink

21-08-2012   Carat wins GP Waltrop (Germany)

17-08-2012   Chrystal foutloos 4 jarige paarden

30-07-2012   Jewel's Diamant

17-07-2012   Jewel's Diamant

17-07-2012   Resultaten Exclusive Touch CSI Twent

30-06-2012   Carat niet meer beschikbaar

20-06-2012   Veulens 2013

28-05-2012   Nieuw leven

19-05-2012   Jewel's Carat available for breeding

08-05-2012   Jewel's Exclusive Touch in Global Champions Tour Valencia

25-04-2012   Carat approved for BWP

19-03-2012   Carat terug in competitie

19-03-2012   Results Dressage WEF

30-01-2012   Jewel's Sir Weihbach gekeurd voor Bayerische Zuchtverband!

23-01-2012   Jewel's Exclusive Touch wint opnieuw

13-01-2012   Copin vd Broy wint WB Mechelen

12-12-2011   Results Exclusive Touch

29-11-2011   Oefenvrijspringen

16-11-2011   Sir Weibach approved in Vorauswhal Bayerische Verband

12-10-2011   Exclusive opnieuw foutloos

01-10-2011   Jewels Exclusive Touch wins jumping class7 year old horses

25-07-2011   Jewel's First Lady LIVE VIA CLIPMYHORSE.DE

20-07-2011   Our last foal of this season - a beautiful filly of Brown Boy

18-07-2011   Jewel's Energy CSI** Bonheide

18-07-2011   Jewel's First Lady is invited to the Elitemerrie show in Muenster 26.7.2011

17-07-2011   Another stallion is born L-Jewel's Liberty

05-07-2011   We welcome another colt

16-06-2011   Jewel's Carat en Marcus Ehning in Balve

11-06-2011   Jewel's Touch of Class by Cardento

11-06-2011   Jewel's Touch of Class by Cardento

03-06-2011   We Welcome Jewel's Dream Girl - Lordanos x Caletto II x Dominard

31-05-2011   We welcome another top colt of Cardento

27-05-2011   Jewel's Sir Weihbach lon his way to the stallion show

12-05-2011   Jewel's First Lady of Fidertanz op haar eerste concour

06-04-2011   Drs. Willem Cordia - Good memories are strong shoulders to bear the grief.

24-03-2011   Photoshoot at Jewel Court Stud

22-03-2011   Morning Canter of Touch of Totilas

21-03-2011   Touch of Totilas

17-03-2011   TOP NIEUWS Marcus Ehning and Jewel's Carat clear round in DOHA

17-03-2011   Jewel's Carat is with Marcus Ehning in DOHA

17-03-2011   Jewel's Touch of Totilas -The daily canter training with her carriermare

06-03-2011   The first filly is born out of the Classic Touch daughter and Totilas

24-02-2011   Jewel's Carat In Goethenbourg

24-02-2011   Visit of the honorable committy of the BWP Hoogstraten

21-02-2011   For Pleasure father of Jewel's Milou died

20-02-2011   Jewel's Dominant 8yr old Experienced showjumper FOR SALE

20-02-2011   For Sale Jewel's Fine Art

07-02-2011   We are looking for staff

26-01-2011   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning will be Live on FEI TV Friday from Zuerich

17-01-2011   Eliane Cordia-van Reesema en Jewel's Sonnenstern met een schitterende prestatie in Wellington USA

15-01-2011   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning LIVE tonight via CLIPMYHORSE 20:30

14-01-2011   CSI***** Basel Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning with an impressive clear round 1,50m

14-01-2011   Tonight Live via Clipmyhorse from CSI Basel Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning

05-01-2011   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning will be jumping in Muenster Germany during the K+K Cup this friday

27-12-2010   Beautiful Christmas days and a exciting New Year

19-12-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning victory in the Champions Cup Frankfurt

19-12-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning price ceremony Frankfurt

17-12-2010   Jewel's Sonnenstern and Ashley Holzer successfull at Saugerties

17-12-2010   Jewel's Sonnenstern and Ashley Holzer successfull at Saugerties

16-12-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning in Frankfurt CSI****

05-12-2010   Jewel's Carat en Marcus Ehning sparkle in Paris CSI***** Internat. Jumping 1,50 Gucci Challenge

03-12-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning in very good shape during the CSI***** Paris start their show with a great 5th place during the Bioranch Youngster cup CSI**** Munich

25-11-2010   Off spring at Jewel Court Stud in 2011

07-11-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning finish 2nd during the Bioranch Youngster Cup Final in Munich CSI****

06-11-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning start their show with a great 5th place during the Bioranch Youngster cup CSI**** Munich

06-11-2010   Enjoy LIVE Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning Via Internet TV

06-11-2010   And they shine again - Marcus Ehning and Jewel's Carat shine during the first indoor show for this season


12-09-2010   Marcus ehning and Jewel's Carat have another fantastic show

05-09-2010   Congratulations to Marcus Ehning and his outstanding success

03-07-2010   Jewel's Carat again at the GCT this time in Estoril with Marcus Ehning

01-07-2010   Veulenpremie Jewel's Modern Touch en invite to the Auction in Oldenburg

01-07-2010   Fohlenschau Jewel's Modern Touch en Whizzkid

30-06-2010   A long journey - ends with a warm welcome at the Hengststation Sosath

30-06-2010   Jewel's Modern Touch called Jogi is off to his first show

26-06-2010   We welcome with open arms another healthy colt

26-06-2010   C Jewel's Classic Dream gets the ster predikat awarded during the keuring van Noord Brabant in Oirschot.

23-06-2010   Jewel's Carat en Marcus Ehning starten tijdens de Global Champions Trophy in Monte Carlo

21-06-2010   O Canada - great success during the Nations Cup in Rotterdam

20-06-2010   The next filly of Jewel's Carat

12-06-2010   The first Jewel's Carat of 2010 is born

10-06-2010   Marcus and Jewel's Carat with another clear round - Global Champions Trophy in Cannes

09-06-2010   Roberts world please check out the webpage of Canadian coach Robert Dover

09-06-2010   The Canadian Team with new Jackets sponsored by Jewel Court Stud

09-06-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning are present in Cannes

06-06-2010   A new Jewel is born

06-06-2010   A Morning Session with the Canadian WEG Hopeful Team Eurodressage Astrid Appels reports on a visit of the Canadian Team Training session at Jewel Court Stud

06-06-2010   Ashley Holzer wins the freestyle during the CDI*** in Lingen

05-06-2010   Results CDI****Lingen for Jewel's Sonnenstern and Ashley Holzer

04-06-2010   Ashley Holzer and Jewel's Sonnenstern finish 4th at the Kampmann Preis Grand Prix intern.

04-06-2010   Ashley Holzer and Jewel's Sonnenstern finish 4th at the Kampmann Preis Grand Prix intern.

02-06-2010   Best of luck for the canadian team and our Jewel's Sonnenstern met Ashley Holzer

02-06-2010   Jewel's Carat live coverage from St Gallen

26-05-2010   Jewel's carat and Markus Ehning will start in St Gallen and Cannes

23-05-2010   The Canadian Team - starting times at Wiesbaden LIVE!

23-05-2010   Jewel's Carat today in Wiesbaden

16-05-2010   Jewel's Energy with an excellent presentation in Germany

13-05-2010   A magnificent 2nd place for Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning in Hamburg

12-05-2010   Marcus Ehning and Jewel's carat start with a clear round in Hamburg

10-05-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning in Hamburg

10-05-2010   The first visitors uit Canada arrived

10-05-2010   Video link Jewel's carat CSI Lummen with Marcus Ehning

09-05-2010   Jewel's Dancer Sold To US

09-05-2010   Springpferde debut voor Jewel's Energy

02-05-2010   O Canada - European Tour All Set!

02-05-2010   Pairings of the Canadian Dressage Team

02-05-2010   The Canadian Dressage Team stays at Jewel Court Stud

02-05-2010   and again a clear round

02-05-2010   Jewel's Carat Clear round in Lummen

05-03-2010   Infos over the breeding lines of Classic Touch to Mr Tim Bellens

05-03-2010   Jewel's Exclusive Touch clear round in Greven

05-03-2010   Jewel's Carat approved for the Hannoveraner Verband

24-02-2010   Another very good performance of Exclusive Touch and her new rider Wolfgang Zimmermann

14-02-2010   Super performance of Ashley Holzer with Sonnenstern

14-02-2010   Congratulations to the Winnars en ranked combinations during the Indoor Jumping of Borken

07-02-2010   BWP Webpage recognizes Jewel's Carat's licencing with the Studbook Zangersheide

07-02-2010   Jewel's Energy with goed presentation in Germany

03-02-2010   Jewel's Carat makes his mother proud

01-02-2010   Jewel's Carat recognized for the Z stamboek Zangersheide

30-01-2010   First show for Exclusive Touch in Germany

21-01-2010   8th first round Leipzig

21-01-2010   Quasimodo van de Molendreef Jewel's Carat's vader goedgekeurd bij het KWPN

21-01-2010   Quasimodo van de Molendreef Jewel's Carat vader goedgekeurd bij jet KWPN

20-01-2010   Jewel's Energy on tour in Germany

20-01-2010   Jewel's Carat at Leipzig

17-01-2010   Jewel's Carat at the K+K Cup at Muenster

13-01-2010   More info over Quasimodo van de Molendreef vader van Jewel's carat

10-01-2010   Carat weer met een prima prestatie

20-12-2009   Jewel's Dominant 1,25m

26-11-2009   ...German Classics Carat bestaetigt seine gute Leistung

23-11-2009   ... Finale Bioranch Youngster Cup und TOP plazierung - wieder Bester 7 Jaehriger

31-10-2009   CSI LYON eine ganz besondere Plazierung

22-10-2009   Top 2.Platz von Marcus Ehning mit unserem Jewel's Carat in Hannover

02-10-2009   Successful Youngster Jewel's Amethyst II

09-09-2009   Jewel's Jasper erhaelt Fohlenpraemie

29-08-2009   Ein neuer Star im Stall

19-08-2009   Jewel`s Amethyst II erfolgreich

19-08-2009   Gitana drachtig van Jewel`s Carat

19-08-2009   Jewel´s Carat in Aaken

18-08-2009   Jewel`s Amethyst word 4. in zijn eerste dressurpferde A

18-08-2009   Top News Jewel`s Fine Art

06-08-2009   Whizzkid is drachtig

30-07-2009   Jewel`s Exclusive Touch is drachig

06-07-2009   Weer een super prestatie van Jewel´s Carat

19-05-2009   Marcus Ehning und Jewel's Carat 2de Bioranch Youngster CUP

26-04-2009   Jewel's Carat again a clear round

06-04-2009   New website

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28 / 06 / 2023

During the CSI2* of CHIO Rotterdam from 21st until 25th of July, Jewel Court Stud was also this year present.

On the first day in the big arena all horses immediately showed their worth with not touching any pole. 8 year old P-Jewel's Promise by Baltic even took it one step further and placed herself 5th under the saddle of Robin Van Thillo in the 130 class.

The second day continued with the same momentum but now even both our riders were placed. Paige Jacobs and N-Jewel's Sing Song (Sandro Boy) came in 6th place and succesful combination Robin/Promise took a shot at victory. Finishing just a tad too slow they had to satisfy with a beautiful second place.

Saturday it wzs Q-Jewel's Touch of Quality (by Kannan) who amazed us. This 7 year old stallion finished with only 2 timefaults in the 2*140 class and is definitely on to keep an eye on. 

Sunday closing day again proved to be very succesful this time in the 135 class. Both Jewel's Promise and Jewel's Sing Song finished double clear with Promise ending on a 5th place and Sing Song placed 11th. '