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18-03-2024   Robin van Thillo triumphs in Lier

28-06-2023   CHIO ROTTERDAM

07-08-2019   Knokke hippique summer circuit

16-02-2018   Tristan Tucker: 'Sir Weihbach is een Ferrari'

20-08-2016   Alle veulens gezond en wel op de wereld

08-03-2016   Kampioenstitel voor Grace Jones en Evy Cornelissen

01-09-2015   Jewel's Dominard en Gitana overleden

02-05-2015   Jewel's Amethyst overleden

26-01-2015   Eliane Cordia- Van Reesema and Jewel's Adelante return with a bang at 2015 CDN Wellington

04-11-2014   Jewel Court Stud USA in the picture

04-11-2014   Nieuwe aanwinst voor de dressuursport!

03-06-2014   Nieuw leven

03-06-2014   Ook in Amerika gaat het goed

28-02-2014   Nieuw leven!

02-11-2013   Jewel’s Sir Weihbach trained by Ingrid Klimke

28-10-2013   Jewel’s Exclusive Touch at the CSI 2* in Genk

08-10-2013   Jewel's Exclusive Touch 2nd in GP CSI Salland

09-08-2013   3 de plaats op Antwerps veulenkampioenschap

15-05-2013   Laatste veulen voor 2013 is geboren

14-05-2013   New grandson out of Classic Touch

29-04-2013   NIeuw leven

16-04-2013   Jewel's Diamant foutloos 5 jarige

03-04-2013   New life

02-04-2013   CSI*** Sint-Katelijne-Waver

18-02-2013   Jewel's Carat and Jewel's Sir Weihbach out through injury

08-02-2013   Carat 3de in Bordeaux

31-01-2013   Carat takes first victory with Maikel

15-01-2013   Carat elite stallion for the BWP studbook

08-01-2013   Vrijspringen 3 jarigen

02-01-2013   Nieuwe ruiter voor Carat

27-11-2012   Jewel's Sir Weihbach op Althengstparade in Vechta

13-11-2012   Result 30 day test Jewel's Sir Weihbach

27-10-2012   Jos Lansin and Exclusive Touch at CSI** Genk

15-10-2012   Exclusive Touch naar Jos Lansink

21-08-2012   Carat wins GP Waltrop (Germany)

17-08-2012   Chrystal foutloos 4 jarige paarden

30-07-2012   Jewel's Diamant

17-07-2012   Jewel's Diamant

17-07-2012   Resultaten Exclusive Touch CSI Twent

30-06-2012   Carat niet meer beschikbaar

20-06-2012   Veulens 2013

28-05-2012   Nieuw leven

19-05-2012   Jewel's Carat available for breeding

08-05-2012   Jewel's Exclusive Touch in Global Champions Tour Valencia

25-04-2012   Carat approved for BWP

19-03-2012   Carat terug in competitie

19-03-2012   Results Dressage WEF

30-01-2012   Jewel's Sir Weihbach gekeurd voor Bayerische Zuchtverband!

23-01-2012   Jewel's Exclusive Touch wint opnieuw

13-01-2012   Copin vd Broy wint WB Mechelen

12-12-2011   Results Exclusive Touch

29-11-2011   Oefenvrijspringen

16-11-2011   Sir Weibach approved in Vorauswhal Bayerische Verband

12-10-2011   Exclusive opnieuw foutloos

01-10-2011   Jewels Exclusive Touch wins jumping class7 year old horses

25-07-2011   Jewel's First Lady LIVE VIA CLIPMYHORSE.DE

20-07-2011   Our last foal of this season - a beautiful filly of Brown Boy

18-07-2011   Jewel's Energy CSI** Bonheide

18-07-2011   Jewel's First Lady is invited to the Elitemerrie show in Muenster 26.7.2011

17-07-2011   Another stallion is born L-Jewel's Liberty

05-07-2011   We welcome another colt

16-06-2011   Jewel's Carat en Marcus Ehning in Balve

11-06-2011   Jewel's Touch of Class by Cardento

11-06-2011   Jewel's Touch of Class by Cardento

03-06-2011   We Welcome Jewel's Dream Girl - Lordanos x Caletto II x Dominard

31-05-2011   We welcome another top colt of Cardento

27-05-2011   Jewel's Sir Weihbach lon his way to the stallion show

12-05-2011   Jewel's First Lady of Fidertanz op haar eerste concour

06-04-2011   Drs. Willem Cordia - Good memories are strong shoulders to bear the grief.

24-03-2011   Photoshoot at Jewel Court Stud

22-03-2011   Morning Canter of Touch of Totilas

21-03-2011   Touch of Totilas

17-03-2011   TOP NIEUWS Marcus Ehning and Jewel's Carat clear round in DOHA

17-03-2011   Jewel's Carat is with Marcus Ehning in DOHA

17-03-2011   Jewel's Touch of Totilas -The daily canter training with her carriermare

06-03-2011   The first filly is born out of the Classic Touch daughter and Totilas

24-02-2011   Jewel's Carat In Goethenbourg

24-02-2011   Visit of the honorable committy of the BWP Hoogstraten

21-02-2011   For Pleasure father of Jewel's Milou died

20-02-2011   Jewel's Dominant 8yr old Experienced showjumper FOR SALE

20-02-2011   For Sale Jewel's Fine Art

07-02-2011   We are looking for staff

26-01-2011   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning will be Live on FEI TV Friday from Zuerich

17-01-2011   Eliane Cordia-van Reesema en Jewel's Sonnenstern met een schitterende prestatie in Wellington USA

15-01-2011   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning LIVE tonight via CLIPMYHORSE 20:30

14-01-2011   CSI***** Basel Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning with an impressive clear round 1,50m

14-01-2011   Tonight Live via Clipmyhorse from CSI Basel Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning

05-01-2011   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning will be jumping in Muenster Germany during the K+K Cup this friday

27-12-2010   Beautiful Christmas days and a exciting New Year

19-12-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning victory in the Champions Cup Frankfurt

19-12-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning price ceremony Frankfurt

17-12-2010   Jewel's Sonnenstern and Ashley Holzer successfull at Saugerties

17-12-2010   Jewel's Sonnenstern and Ashley Holzer successfull at Saugerties

16-12-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning in Frankfurt CSI****

05-12-2010   Jewel's Carat en Marcus Ehning sparkle in Paris CSI***** Internat. Jumping 1,50 Gucci Challenge

03-12-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning in very good shape during the CSI***** Paris start their show with a great 5th place during the Bioranch Youngster cup CSI**** Munich

25-11-2010   Off spring at Jewel Court Stud in 2011

07-11-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning finish 2nd during the Bioranch Youngster Cup Final in Munich CSI****

06-11-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning start their show with a great 5th place during the Bioranch Youngster cup CSI**** Munich

06-11-2010   Enjoy LIVE Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning Via Internet TV

06-11-2010   And they shine again - Marcus Ehning and Jewel's Carat shine during the first indoor show for this season


12-09-2010   Marcus ehning and Jewel's Carat have another fantastic show

05-09-2010   Congratulations to Marcus Ehning and his outstanding success

03-07-2010   Jewel's Carat again at the GCT this time in Estoril with Marcus Ehning

01-07-2010   Veulenpremie Jewel's Modern Touch en invite to the Auction in Oldenburg

01-07-2010   Fohlenschau Jewel's Modern Touch en Whizzkid

30-06-2010   A long journey - ends with a warm welcome at the Hengststation Sosath

30-06-2010   Jewel's Modern Touch called Jogi is off to his first show

26-06-2010   We welcome with open arms another healthy colt

26-06-2010   C Jewel's Classic Dream gets the ster predikat awarded during the keuring van Noord Brabant in Oirschot.

23-06-2010   Jewel's Carat en Marcus Ehning starten tijdens de Global Champions Trophy in Monte Carlo

21-06-2010   O Canada - great success during the Nations Cup in Rotterdam

20-06-2010   The next filly of Jewel's Carat

12-06-2010   The first Jewel's Carat of 2010 is born

10-06-2010   Marcus and Jewel's Carat with another clear round - Global Champions Trophy in Cannes

09-06-2010   Roberts world please check out the webpage of Canadian coach Robert Dover

09-06-2010   The Canadian Team with new Jackets sponsored by Jewel Court Stud

09-06-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning are present in Cannes

06-06-2010   A new Jewel is born

06-06-2010   A Morning Session with the Canadian WEG Hopeful Team Eurodressage Astrid Appels reports on a visit of the Canadian Team Training session at Jewel Court Stud

06-06-2010   Ashley Holzer wins the freestyle during the CDI*** in Lingen

05-06-2010   Results CDI****Lingen for Jewel's Sonnenstern and Ashley Holzer

04-06-2010   Ashley Holzer and Jewel's Sonnenstern finish 4th at the Kampmann Preis Grand Prix intern.

04-06-2010   Ashley Holzer and Jewel's Sonnenstern finish 4th at the Kampmann Preis Grand Prix intern.

02-06-2010   Best of luck for the canadian team and our Jewel's Sonnenstern met Ashley Holzer

02-06-2010   Jewel's Carat live coverage from St Gallen

26-05-2010   Jewel's carat and Markus Ehning will start in St Gallen and Cannes

23-05-2010   The Canadian Team - starting times at Wiesbaden LIVE!

23-05-2010   Jewel's Carat today in Wiesbaden

16-05-2010   Jewel's Energy with an excellent presentation in Germany

13-05-2010   A magnificent 2nd place for Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning in Hamburg

12-05-2010   Marcus Ehning and Jewel's carat start with a clear round in Hamburg

10-05-2010   Jewel's Carat and Marcus Ehning in Hamburg

10-05-2010   The first visitors uit Canada arrived

10-05-2010   Video link Jewel's carat CSI Lummen with Marcus Ehning

09-05-2010   Jewel's Dancer Sold To US

09-05-2010   Springpferde debut voor Jewel's Energy

02-05-2010   O Canada - European Tour All Set!

02-05-2010   Pairings of the Canadian Dressage Team

02-05-2010   The Canadian Dressage Team stays at Jewel Court Stud

02-05-2010   and again a clear round

02-05-2010   Jewel's Carat Clear round in Lummen

05-03-2010   Infos over the breeding lines of Classic Touch to Mr Tim Bellens

05-03-2010   Jewel's Exclusive Touch clear round in Greven

05-03-2010   Jewel's Carat approved for the Hannoveraner Verband

24-02-2010   Another very good performance of Exclusive Touch and her new rider Wolfgang Zimmermann

14-02-2010   Super performance of Ashley Holzer with Sonnenstern

14-02-2010   Congratulations to the Winnars en ranked combinations during the Indoor Jumping of Borken

07-02-2010   BWP Webpage recognizes Jewel's Carat's licencing with the Studbook Zangersheide

07-02-2010   Jewel's Energy with goed presentation in Germany

03-02-2010   Jewel's Carat makes his mother proud

01-02-2010   Jewel's Carat recognized for the Z stamboek Zangersheide

30-01-2010   First show for Exclusive Touch in Germany

21-01-2010   8th first round Leipzig

21-01-2010   Quasimodo van de Molendreef Jewel's Carat's vader goedgekeurd bij het KWPN

21-01-2010   Quasimodo van de Molendreef Jewel's Carat vader goedgekeurd bij jet KWPN

20-01-2010   Jewel's Energy on tour in Germany

20-01-2010   Jewel's Carat at Leipzig

17-01-2010   Jewel's Carat at the K+K Cup at Muenster

13-01-2010   More info over Quasimodo van de Molendreef vader van Jewel's carat

10-01-2010   Carat weer met een prima prestatie

20-12-2009   Jewel's Dominant 1,25m

26-11-2009   ...German Classics Carat bestaetigt seine gute Leistung

23-11-2009   ... Finale Bioranch Youngster Cup und TOP plazierung - wieder Bester 7 Jaehriger

31-10-2009   CSI LYON eine ganz besondere Plazierung

22-10-2009   Top 2.Platz von Marcus Ehning mit unserem Jewel's Carat in Hannover

02-10-2009   Successful Youngster Jewel's Amethyst II

09-09-2009   Jewel's Jasper erhaelt Fohlenpraemie

29-08-2009   Ein neuer Star im Stall

19-08-2009   Jewel`s Amethyst II erfolgreich

19-08-2009   Gitana drachtig van Jewel`s Carat

19-08-2009   Jewel´s Carat in Aaken

18-08-2009   Jewel`s Amethyst word 4. in zijn eerste dressurpferde A

18-08-2009   Top News Jewel`s Fine Art

06-08-2009   Whizzkid is drachtig

30-07-2009   Jewel`s Exclusive Touch is drachig

06-07-2009   Weer een super prestatie van Jewel´s Carat

19-05-2009   Marcus Ehning und Jewel's Carat 2de Bioranch Youngster CUP

26-04-2009   Jewel's Carat again a clear round

06-04-2009   New website

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Tristan Tucker: 'Sir Weihbach is een Ferrari'

16 / 02 / 2018


Link: http://www.horses.nl/sport/tristan-tucker-sir-weinbach-is-ferrari/
Source message: www.horses.nl
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